Brisbane BMW is one of the most successful BMW dealerships in Australia. Emarketing is now a standard marketing and communication tool utilised by Brisbane BMW with outstanding results.
With a focus on emarketing initiatives, Brisbane BMW had been able to drive traffic to their website where they allow customers and prospects to subscribe to receive information.
Email addresses are now collected as a standard part of the customer sales and prospecting process. Brisbane BMW’s database size has also grown by a multiple of four, within twelve months of implementing PunchMAIL.

Website Registration Forms:

Permission based forms allow web visitors to subscribe with automated notification allowing confirmation of subscription and thank you messages.

Registrations for Events and New Vehicle Test Drives:

New Vehicle promotions and Event Registrations are sent out via email, allowing customers to easily register via online forms, advising what time and day they would like a test drive. Brisbane BMW are notified via email lead sheets and customer registration data is automatically compiled in a registration database making it ideal for tracking and follow up. Registering customers also receive an auto reply advising they have been booked in and will be contacted.

Service Reminders and Offers:

Service reminders and special offers are emailed frequently as a cost effective and powerful way of keeping services up to date whilst allowing customers to take advantage of special offers.

Sale Events Notices:

Regular sales event brochures are emailed to prospects and customers advising of great purchasing opportunities. Refer to testimonial below for results.

Accessory Offers:

The BMW accessory range is frequently promoted using email catalogue brochures.

Brisbane BMW recently launched an email marketing campaign for the release of the long awaited Sporty new Z4 Convertible to a select group of customers. The purpose of the campaign was to generate interest for Test Drives.

The campaign included attractive graphics detailing the impressive characteristics of the Z4 branded Test Drive Registration forms allowing instant responses from interested recipients within 24 hours of the 1303 recipients who the brochure was sent to, 55% read the email with 8.6% responding and 4% registering instantly for a test drive.

Additionally 9 people sent the offer to friends. There were also numerous recipients who came directly into the Brisbane BMW showroom for the Test Drive offer. By the end of the week, Z4 sales had already been made!

“The sale was excellent with great feedback from the email design! We sold almost 50 cars over the 3 days. Put us into the number one position in Australia for December! Thank you for producing such a great marketing tool!”

Antoinette Yerbury
Marketing Manager
Brisbane BMW