PunchMAIL is a powerful yet uniquely simple online system that provides you with hands-on management of your Email Marketing and Database Management requirements.

Create & Edit Emails

Create professional looking HTML emails with ease. Personalise, add content, insert your images and then target your customers based on their profiles. Emails can be duplicated with ease for re-use and stored in customisable email folders.

Creation of attention grabbing email brochures has never been easier with PunchMAIL's unique "Click & Replace" template wizard. Choose from an array of designer templates and simply click & replace content and images as required. Text versions are automatically created increasing your message deliverability.

Upload images, PDFs, movie files or word documents with PunchMAIL's File Manager. Images are automatically optimized for web along with the ability to link to larger versions that can be blown up full size.

Create unlimited emails and store in multiple emails folders allowing you to easily archive newsletters, special promotions, product updates and surveys.

Increase your campaign response by inserting a Send to a Friend link. This is a great way to allow recipients to send your email to friends who might also be interested. You can also link your web registration forms within emails allowing new recipients to register for newsletters or enquire about your products and services.