0-200 5.9¢ 0-1,000 $25
201-2,000 5.5¢ 1001-5,000 $50
2,001-5,000 4.9¢ 5,001-15,000 $75
5,001-10,000 4.5¢ 15,000-50,000 $100
10,001 Neg 50,000 + $150

PunchMAIL Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is ideal for those who need a little help in setting up their first database and email campaign. The PunchMAIL Starter Kit includes; The creation of a subscriber database (if necessary) - database set up includes up to 5 fields Integration of PunchMAIL into your website and automating email responses Uploading of your existing subscriber database into PunchMAIL

$450.00 + GST

Email Template

PunchMAIL can design a professional Email Template for your email campaigns. Professionally designed emails are more likely to solicit responses and help to ensure campaign success! Your new email template can be used repeatedly and adding content for your next PunchMAIL campaign is simple using the PunchMAIL click and replace Wizard. Your custom designed PunchMAIL email template will have the look and feel of your company, utilizing your company logo and colours.

$450.00 + GST

Managed Campaigns

Managed PunchMAIL campaigns are available! Contact Us and a PunchMAIL Account Manager will be in touch to discuss your long term objectives and immediate requirements.

All prices listed exclude GST